Abortion laws in Belgium were significantly liberalized on the 3rd of April 1990, when the Belgian parliament approved a law amending the 1861 penal code. Under the abortion provisions of that code, which where based on the Napoleonic penal code of 1810, adopted by Belgium upon independence, no stated exceptions to a general prohibition of the performance of abortions where included, although the general principle of criminal legislation allowed abortion to be performed to save life of pregnant woman and the grounds of necessity. In such case, the medical code required that three physicians agree that a state of necessity existed and that the abortion be performed in an approved institution or hospital with informed consent of the pregnant woman.

The 1990 law permit abortion to be performed in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy when a woman who is “in a state of distress as a result of her situation” requests a physician to terminate her pregnancy. The woman is the sole judge of whether she is distressed or not. Aside from informing the woman as to the risk of undergoing the procedure and various possibilities for caring of the child if born, the physician only needs to be convinced by the pregnant woman’s determination to terminate her pregnancy.
After 12 weeks pregnancy, an abortion may be performed if only two physicians agree that the continuance of the pregnancy would gravely endanger the woman’s health or when it is certain that the child, if born, would be affected by a particular serious pathological condition, recognized as incurable at the time of diagnosis.


All abortions must be performed by a physician under good medical conditions, in a health-care establishment that has an information department that provides the woman seeking abortion with detailed information regarding the rights and benefits guaranteed by the law to families, unmarried and married mothers and their children, as well as the possibilities offered by adoption of the child if born.l Solicitors in Doncaster : Solicitors in Sheffield, Nottingham, Doncaster, Worksop & Mansfield. Our team of Sheffield solicitors at Jones & Co offers a wide range of legal services. l italian lawyers : Giambrone Law is an award-winning Italian law firm with offices in London, New York, Rome, Palermo Casablanca. l fraud lawyers : Cunninghams Solicitors are a leading criminal defence firm specialising in the defence of serious fraud, VAT & tax fraud and money laundering allegations. l Dual citizenship Dominican : Welcome to Dominican-republic-citizenship.com provides full legal services for Dual Citizenship, Dominican Republic Citizenship Requirements, Passport, Tax & Taxation, Dominican dual citizenship & Passport for Dominican Republic. l dui attorney dallas Dallas DUI and DWI lawyers with proven results. Relied upon by portion FIVE HUNDRED business therefore secure that NASA trusts it to manage their jobs. Get a online project management that you are able to influence to aid streamline your affairs as well as increase efficiency within your business. l granite worktops l rugs australia l retro rugs l shaggy rugs clearance l floor rugs online L

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